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Demand that Sen. Dan Foreman meet with his constituents

On Monday, February 19th, a group of a dozen students traveled 300 miles from Moscow, ID for a scheduled meeting to discuss access to birth control and better sex education with their State Senator, Dan Foreman. Upon arrival, Sen. Foreman canceled their meeting and instead chose to berate them in a hallway, shouting "abortion is murder" and threatening to call the police if they entered his office.  

Sen. Foreman

This isn't the first time Sen. Foreman has been caught erupting in anger at someone he disagrees with. Just last September, Foreman was caught on police bodycam footage during another outburst with a constituent, shouting "go straight to hell, you son of a b---h!" 



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Senator Foreman, do your job and meet with your constituents. 

Idahoans should feel safe contacting their elected officials. As a State Senator, it's your job to listen to and consider the views of the constituents in your own legislative district. 

Apologize to the students you chose to publicly berate for no reason. 

Honor the meetings your constituents schedule with you. 

Do your job.

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